Certificate verification solutions by implementing blockchain technology and public-key cryptography

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Why Phonevacc?


  • About Phonevacc:

    Phonevacc is a reputable name for offering Certificate verification solutions by implementing blockchain technology and public-key cryptography. Partnering with VeriDoc Global, we have been serving the industry for the last six years.

  • Partnership:

    We have partnered with VeriDoc Global, a reputable organisation offering a trusted solution towards an honest and transparent future. Together, we are on a mission to eliminate vaccine certificate forgeries and counterfeits.

Verification Of Vaccination Certificates Made Faster, Easier & More Trustworthy!

Get Ensured All the Information Recorded Is Trusted and Authentic:

Method of Operation

  • The immutability of blockchain makes it almost impossible to counterfeit data and change information in the certificate once it is updated in the blockchain. So, whenever verifying a certificate, the government can rest assured that all the information is trusted and verified.


Authenticate Certificates Within Minutes Using Blockchain Technology


  • Recorded information that you can trust. Be it the Government or any organisation, all patient, vaccination & healthcare institution’s details are verifiable & completely transparent.

  • No scope for any fake certificates. With the powerful blockchain technology, get assured and untampered data on your fingertips.

  • The security of blockchain technology is not a joke! All data and stored information are 100% secured and safe against any scams or fraudulent activities.

The Transparency of Blockchain Helps You Verify Information with Ease:


When the governments across the world sign up with us, they can create and verify a certificate with just a scan. By scanning the QR Code placed on a card, they will directly be redirected to a secure page showing all the information about the patient, including their name, age, sex, nationality, district, sub-county, phone number and more.

They will also see the record of treatment that shows if the person is vaccinated with the first dose or second dose, what vaccination they have taken, hospital name, doctor’s name, nurse’s name and the time of the vaccination.

The government or organisation will get to know a brief about the doctor, their email id, phone number, specialty and address and verify them.


Easy To Use Software

No need for any technical knowledge or manual labor. Just subscribe, use and authenticate certificates using Phonevacc easily & securely.


Simple QR Code Verification

Verify the legitimacy of any vaccination certificates using our QR code feature. Just scan the QR code placed on the certificate/s using any smart device, from anywhere & at any time.


Affordable Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans come in 3 options - Basic, Standard & Premium. All our plans are cost-effective and come loaded with exciting features.


Card Example and POC Page

Cyber security has already warned about the skyrocketing of fake vaccination certificates around the world. Since most countries have made the proof of vaccination mandatory for work and travel, the corruption of fraudulent certifications is increasing more and more. In fact, the price of a fake certificate is now around $140-$160.

Why Should the Government Register with Phonevacc?

The worst part is the black marketing of fake certificates have been an open business opportunity for many, and people can get it with just a few clicks.

While industries across the globe are striving to find out a solution for eliminating fake certificates for Corona vaccination, Phonevacc has brought an innovative solution to prevent corruption. With the implementation of blockchain, we make certificate verification trusted and transparent.


To know more about Phonevacc and its exciting features & benefits, call us today!